Birthday Girl

I'm the Birthday Girl today
I've received birthday wishes and gifts in my favorite colors.
My card from Mr. Maison Decor was perfection.

 This sweet miniature Eiffel Tower porcelain box was a gift from my sister-in-law.
Cards from my family make my day!
This morning I opened some cards and the mailman is coming later on...
Anyone celebrating a birthday gets to have their cards on the mantle.
By the time the afternoon mail arrived I had quite a collection.
Mr. Maison Decor is taking me ice skating on
 my new skates for the second time this week.
 I am a beginner and my first time went really well~
so much more fun than going to the gym.
I'm no Peggy Fleming, but wasn't she so elegant on ice?
I just imagine myself being Peggy.
My Inspiration 
My Reality
 Yes, I am actually skating and not on my #ss
Mr. and Mrs. Maison Decor hit the ice!
My son calls us "America's Couple"
I think that is so sweet.
The other fun thing that happened:
Yesterday I found out I won the pearls from French Buttons~
 Pink pearls!
She picked me by chance out of 211 other bloggers! 
Feeling pretty lucky I have to say.
 Thank you Pamela.
 My heart cake
I will be having a heart shaped birthday cake made
 from pans my mom used to use on my special day.
I'll be the baker, since Mr. Maison Decor does not bake.
However he did make me a yummy tomato and cheese omelet this morning.
I'll be spending the day with him and so I am signing off for now~
Another year older and enjoying (almost) every minute.

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