Chandy Delivery!

 Just like Christmas morning~
thats how it felt when I saw my chandy in a box outside the door!
I found this beaded antique french basket style chandelier on Etsy.
(click here to see how I found it.)
I couldn't wait to open it.
It came wired with a jury rigged system, 
probably as it was on display in the store.
I ran out to the kitchen and hung it up 
on the only hook I could think of.
I plugged it in....
And nothing.
No I took it down and hoped to heck it worked.
Hoped to heck it was just a light bulb replacement issue.
Then I wondered, how the heck do you change the light bulb??
It is inside this wired cage.
The only thing I could figure was to remove the nut at the top
and hope for the best. I wasn't going to wait for Mr. Maison Decor to get home.
I had to see this chandy all lit up!
 Grabbed some tools~pliers and a screw driver. 
See how they have the wires hooked up to a plug so you can plug it in?
I was thrilled to see that on there so I could see it lit up
before the official installation.
I twirled and twisted the nut off using pliers.
Hoping I wasn't stripping any threads in the process.
Hoping this would let me take the top off to change the bulb.
Phew~it worked!
I changed the bulb...
And then I plugged it in before I screwed it all together.
 It works!!!!
I ran back out to the kitchen and hung it on the hook 
and plugged it in. 
You can see my other globe just hanging in the background.
Move over Beethoven.
This chandy is going to go in the living room, 
but I had to see it suspended and check out the light.
So soon I will be showing it in its real home, but for now...
as we say in Boston~
its Wicked Pretty!

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