Pink Architectural Salvage from my Favorite Shop

Mr. MD and I took a trip to New Hampshire
and that included making a stop at my favorite shabby furniture shop,
Rustique. I was thrilled when I saw the stuff outside the door~
Bridget, the owner, has piles of old shutters and windows,
iron beds, and this time there were some beautiful trim work from 
a Victorian that had suffered a fire.
Could I make a garden trellis out of some of these pieces? 
Bridget held up a heavy piece of window trim over two sections of
columns, all painted in the prettiest pinky lavendar.
Hmm...I think I have another idea.
An iron footboard with a scrolled shape could be very 
cool with my new climbing roses covering it!
My own Arc de Triomphe~
These pieces were soon sitting in the back of Mr. MD's pickup truck.
He just said, "Are you happy honey?"
YES!!!!!!! I am very happy.
Burnt out building pieces and rusty bed parts
 don't ring his bell like they do mine.
This chair almost came home with me, 
but I knew my limits..maybe another time.
Isn't it pretty?
A superb example of cottage furniture,
just right for a small eat in kitchen.
A cottage dresser with glass knobs
A petite point footstool
Vintage garden illustration of a Nursery favorite
Pale blue grey sconces, so pretty
Soft misty blue french desk
A large cottage hutch
 Bridget has  lots of  cute shelves in her shop too.
Its always a pleasure taking a run up to Rustique.
She writes the blog, The rehab Boutique, based on her shop experiences.

You can see Bridget's creations on her blog and sign up for her email
which will send the latest shop items right to your mailbox!
I will be working on my new garden trellis
and hope to show you all my latest creation soon!

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