Garden house gets antique fencing

The small garden house I built sits on top of a small hill and overlooks my garden.
 It was getting overgrown with weeds so it was time for a little attention. 
This fantastic old iron fretwork came from a job on an old home
 Mr. Maison Decor was working at last week.
 I saw a pile of these on the ground
at the job site and asked if I could have them~and sure enough,
since it was destined for the trash, I got my treasure.
The other thing we got was a big pile of old bricks,
 the kind I like, the whitish pinkish looking bricks.
I made a little platform for the garden house to
 sit on to keep the weeds down inside.
I think the iron work was used on roof  lines as decorative edging, 
but I am not really sure.
 It makes a cute miniature fence for my little conservatory
 that I made out of old windows last year.
The sun was just coming up behind me as I took this picture, 
and you can see that the garden house sits above the lower lawn and garden area.
 This is a small grassy area we put in, 
and we plan to build the garden shed up here.
The shed will block that area that Mr. MD is fond of putting his things!
My other plan is to use this idea from a 
Better Homes and Garden book I had for the rose arbor.
 It will be a gateway of sorts to the new shed.
I will join the two pillars with this arched piece.
The white climbing rose is in the ground now, 
and hopefully will climb up the pillars.
We will be putting in cement bases for the pillars to stand on.
The garden shed will be in the back behind the little garden house.
 We won't have to look at 4x4's and things like that anymore.
 Pink and purple flowers are what I prefer to plant in the garden.
The last of my spring pansies.
"Antique"~I had to buy this color!
Roses and catmint mingle together.
Rustic and ornate, makes for one pretty garden spot.

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