Aqua Vases and more

A trip to my first auction in  along time,
 and I spotted two things I really wanted.
 The first thing was this vase. 
The color, the shape and the decoration~I love this!
 The best thing was, there was a pair! Lucky for me, no one else bid on them!
 They are handpainted vases that sit on pedestal bases with the original nut and bolt.
The other thing I fell in love with was this majolica plate
 in aqua with birds and grapevine pattern.
Pink, yellow, purple, and green on the prettiest shade of robin's egg blue.
I usually think of majolica in brighter green with touches of aqua.
They came in a pair as well! 
Things in pairs are easy to decorate with. 
Other people bid on these, but I was the last girl
 A nice old botanical in a lovely oval wooden frame.
It had a brass relief edge on the inside, 
and carved pomegranates on the wood frame.

A150 year old chromolithograph from a Boston company depicting
 an Easter painting of a floral wreath 
around a white cross on a board in a very chippy gilded frame.
 Last but not least, I found a cherry ball and spindle Victorian side table.
 These tables remind me of ones that should be in grand lake houses.
At last, I found a proper table for my reading corner.
 The teapot lamp looks great sitting on it.
You might notice I hung up three cottage paintings...
one is the tiny Bermuda cottage, the next is a
 fishing village scene I found at the antique co-op, 
and the last is an artist's rendition of hubby's first home.
This corner is feeling finished! 
Oops..oh yeah, I got another mirror.
I couldn't resist this mirror for $20....could you?
Antique auctions are great places to find treasures for you home.
Did you know that you can go to and 
plug in your zipcode and it will 
show all the auctions that are near your location? 
I will be listing some of these treasures in my shop, 
so if you are in the market stop by and see whats for sale!

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