Dad Rehabs an Antique on Chappy

 My dad has been going to Chappaquidick Island almost daily all summer 
to work on my cousin Jack's antique farmhouse. 
Dad is going to be 82 next month and he can still strap on his builder's apron
and make things happen.  He is an environmental engineer,
 but his dad was a carpenter and he thats where he learned the trade.
Here is the cupola on an old outbuilding that he just repaired and installed.
 You can only get to Chappy by taking the small car ferry from Edgartown.
This ferry is basically an open air barge.
It holds about 4 cars and has picnic bench seating 
on the sides for any pedestrian travelers.
For sure, dad has had his share of  lobster dinners this summer,
but mostly he likes doing back breaking projects all summer long.
My Dad is just amazing!
 Jack's antique garage on Chappy
Great old doors in a washed out green color.
Annie Sloan has nothing on this paint job.
These are the before pictures of the old dirt floor garage 
and the tiny outbuilding on Jack's property, which was an old farm.
I was happy to see that Jack wanted it restored, 
so all new cedar shingles were ready to be applied after the buildings
were shored up for stability, and some new windows were put in. 
Dad was there to do a lot of this work,
along with a small crew.

A nice drive through garage!
Dad takes a rare break...
The floor inside the garage.

Project completed!
 Still retains the charm of an antique property, 
and the shingles will age to a silvery grey.
The inside of the garage has room for everything you need around here~
bikes, life jackets, and a wheelbarrow.
This darling little building looks so cute now!
It used to look like this..forlorn and neglected.
Time had taken its toll on this little building.
I love old properties, don't you? There is a romance to them...
and I am happy to see my Dad helping my cousin save such a special place.
These buildings will last another hundred years now. 
Great job Dad! But please stop climbing up on roofs.

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