My favorite summer home improvement projects

I was feeling like I didn't get that much done this summer, 
because I never got my rose trellis done...
but when looking through my picture files, 
I surprised myself with the projects I did complete. 
My side porch came together when I grabbed
 these two rockers out of the neighbors trash
 (I'm never too proud) and painted them black.
 I paired them up with a black umbrella 
and hot pink toile pillows and filled my urn 
with pink geraniums~what a lift this space is now.
My favorite project was lining the bookcase shelves in this powder blue chintz.
I think I will be stapling it to the back and adding a trim to finish off the edges~
this is a look I am completely in love with!
I never shared this small makeover on an old victorian bench I found during the summer.
Here it sat in the back of an antique shop in New Hampshire.
 It was dark wood and totally UGH~
but I knew it would look great at my bathroom vanity table
after a white paint job and a matalesse cover.
Worked out nicely~
 Making new cornices out of old metal valances I found was pretty satisfying too. 
They certainly are different than anything else I have ever had for treatments.
I have been plugging away in our little family room making small changes as they come to me.
Originally I had planned on wallpapering this room entirely in the wood plank paper, and I still might do that. I like how the tennis raquets and other things look when they are "nailed" into the wood.  This room is kind of evolving as a summer camp theme~its cheerful and vintage sporty.
The Company C rug started the whole makeover 
and the coffee table was next getting a green paint job. 
This upstairs hallway got a striped and stenciled paint job this summer~
I was dying to use some pale purple in the house.
There were a few chandys I made over too~including this Belgian inspired number. As soon as it was madeover it sold in my Etsy shop.
I did this one too, giving it a white paint job and more crystals. 
Working on chandeliers is very fun,
and I can imagine being a chandelier designer if I had more time on my hands.
The third chandy I redid is hanging up over my front door now. 
I got my climbing rosebush in the ground, 
but have not finished the climbing structure yet. 
That is a fall project now I guess.
 I won't be too hard on myself because
 I really did get a lot of things done this summer!

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