Update Your Artwork

 Two inexpensive framed prints hung over the tv.  As I was sitting watching the Patriots play the Jets my mind wandered and the next thing I knew I was reconfiguring what was inside the frames.
 Our dog collection was such a family hit that I decided to take two pictures out of a big coffee table book we have about dogs and replace the cottage prints to go along with the developing theme in the room. You can do this with any old artwork you are tired of~complete sets of coordinated artwork awaits inside these big coffee table books.
This big book on dogs came from Costco. I looked through the book to select the breeds and the composition that I thought would work best.
 Trim the picture to size after removing it from the book.  I used the old print as a rough template.
 This dog photograph is going to look better than these sweet beach cottage prints.
 Take a razor and cut the brown paper covering over the back of the print.
Peel back the layers. The inside print is held in place by cardboard and staples....very easy to bend back and remove the print, and then replace with your selection.
Here is the first dog~the wonderful golden retriever! One of my favorite breeds of dogs.
I forgot to mention to hold the print in place with painters tape.
Seal the edge with the same tape and then hang the picture back up on the wall.  This project took 15 minutes.
I continued watching the game~but was able to take pics for the blog post at the same time.
There was a bit of glare so it was hard to get a nice shot...but it looks great.  It looks like I bought them that way.  Rethink your tired framed artwork and get a new look quickly and on  a budget.

Sunday football and decorating do go together!

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