Hot Pink Wreath

 This is a beautiful 30" wreath that I won from Art by Karena's blog last week! 
 It comes all wired with tiny lights and it is quite impressive~
it also had red berries and twigs and cones.  
Since I am not a red person, I gave it a different spin.
Various sizes of pink vintage balls were wired 
on to give it a little bling~to hide the cord I made
 a flowing tailed ribbon that cascades down the mirror.
 I hung it on the mirror behind the piano using an over the door wreath hook.
  It works just as well indoors over any substantial piece like this big mirror.
  I still haven't gotten half of my Christmas stuff out of the attic~
and that includes my pink and white putz houses and little bottle brush trees.
 I wanted to make a snowscape inside this giant aqua jar 
with a bottle brush tree, but until I dig them out I
 am settling  for this old silver and pink striped ball sitting in snow instead.

 We won't be getting our real live tree until Saturday, 
when my son comes home from college. 
I can't wait! I have never waited this long in my life to put up our tree.
The rest of the hot pink ornaments will sit
in a silver tray until we get to wire them to the tree.
I have loads more in all pretty colors~
but we don't do red and green~
its all pink and blue and purple and gold and white!!
 Then I got distracted and had a little fun with my new blue chandy~
spreading the pink love around the room by hanging balls from wire.
 Heavy wire in curvy shapes dangle these old balls underneath my chandy....
funky and festive...maybe they will be here
 for the Christmas Eve party, maybe they won't!
However, this post is to give a big thank you to Karena for this lovely Christmas wreath!! 
It really brings my piano corner alive!
PS~For Connie who always asks me about this piano~all I know is it is about 80
years old and it was made in New York by Janssen Company.
It was given to me as a gift by one of my dear tennis friends who was moving to Florida.
So she offered it to me, and I gladly accepted.
Although I took lessons as a kid,
I don't play at all, unless you count chopsticks.
 Hubs has been know to play a tune now and then~
his grandfather was a piano tuner.
My mother in law plays as does my mother.
Last Christmas Eve we hired a pianist to play carols for us.
It is nice having a piano.

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