Shabby Chic Soho Samples & Giveaway

Over 400 samples squares of Shabby Chic fabric from the original 
SOHO store in New York City were
 auctioned off years ago when the store closed.  
These are vintage samples cut from fabrics from the original boutique shop, 
 not to be confused with the Target fabrics.
Last week the buyer put this lot on eBay and I had to have it for my office.
  A huge fan of the Shabby Chic style,
 I imagined making a piece of artwork out of these
 fabric samples in an ode to the genius of Rachel Ashwell.
 Luckily I won the eBay auction and soon I found myself
 with little glorious piles of her original designs.  
They also came with the slender clothespins from the store
 that identified the various fabric samples.  
This extra touch was just thrilling to me~
to own a little part of Shabby Chic history!
I want to share a little of the pretty bounty~
read about the giveaway at the end of the post.
 The clothespins were not attached to the proper fabrics and
 I started to research pattern names, 
many of which are now retired from production.
 The seller sent them to me all bound up in little tissue bundles 
with the trademark petal pink satin ribbon that Rachel favors.
 The little bundles of fabric and clothes pins were so exciting to unwrap.
 Patterns in pastel colors of blue and pink, 
made with linen, poplin, and damask, and chino fabrics.
 The idea I had was to take an existing piece of artwork 
and paint over it to create a neutral backdrop.
 Then attach lines of twine across the frame creating little 
clotheslines for the clothespins to display the samples.

 The fabric board was hung in a little niche in my work room.
 I guess you could say it is a shrine to Shabby Chic~
the style that has captured me.

 I wondered if Rachel herself lettered the clothespins.  It is a nice thought!
 The dreamiest fabrics are in this collection! 
I feel so lucky to own them.
 The doors of the closet were removed to accommodate 
my large vintage trunk that I fill with remnants
 and pillows and old custom curtains no longer in use.
 I'll admit to collecting chairs~here is my french chair 
and next to it is a victorian chair I was given 
from an elderly neighbor once upon a time.
 Cottage lace panels were hung from rod iron poles to curtain off the storage closet.
 You can sneak a peak at my trunk.
This workroom got a dose of  a little  french cottage 
and a little shabby chic~and I am loving it!
I want to offer a Christmas gift to 
anyone who is a Shabby Chic lover like myself: 
 I will put a little bundle of 25 fabric samples together 
for you from the original Shabby Chic Soho
 store complete with two clothespins. 
Just leave me a comment telling me why you would like them~
and please be a follower of my blog! 
 An extra entry if you post this giveaway on your blog!
Or you can like me on Facebook! 
I will pick the winner between Christmas and New Years!
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