Vintage Blue Chandy for the Dining Room

I have to say I am pretty excited about this one!
 Blue opaline Murano glass drops and beaded garland
 are strung from this 1930s chandelier from Italy.
Someone contacted me after seeing the
 blue opaline chandelier drops on my blog,
 to see if I might be interested in buying them. 
*pinch me*
The seller found me online after
A dear blog reader, Betsy Duggan, sent me some of her 
blue chandy parts
which I added to my living room chandelier.
The seller googled blue chandelier and found me!
Yes~ I want to BUY them!!!
Here is my living room chandy~with
Betsy's vintage Murano blue opaline drops and beads,
taking it from pretty to pretty darn fabulous~
and that led to my purchase here:
 The seller emailed  me to see if I was interested in 
purchasing a blue opaline chandy from his grandmother's estate~
she had bought them in Europe, long ago.
 Oh yes! I certainly was~
and the sale included
 a pair of sconces so lovely I had to pinch myself again. 
Because of blogging and blog friends and readers and such
these old blue light fixtures are now happily hanging in my home!
This blue glass is pale and milky and translucent~
I bought some reproduction drops from an eBay supplier 
and they are dead and flat and disappointing.
 The day I hung this wallpaper was the
 very day I got the email asking if I was interested~
I visualized how pretty it might look.
Its as if the energies of the universe 
said the chandy needed to live here!
And I had to agree~
 The chandelier looks good from every angle~
and is captured in my millions of mirrors. 
 I knew there was a reason one should have so many mirrors.
The better to see all the chandeliers!
On another note~and nothing to do with light fixtures:
Hubs and I have been watching Gold Rush Alaska
and wait for every episode to come out on Friday night.
Have you seen Gold Rush? 
It is about 3 different groups trying to strike gold in Alaska 
in the short summer season before the ground freezes over.
We wait and wait to see if they are going to get gold....
it has been funny and boring and exciting~
just like real life.
We have our favorite characters, like 17 year old Parker, 
and then there is this one guy we love to mimic 
and make fun of...I won't say who...
and we laugh and laugh!
Anyway, it is on Discovery channel and it can suck you in,
this is not like Downton Abbey on PBS,
its a bunch of guys running excavators looking for gold.
But for some reason it is fun to watch.
And one other random thing....
I wanted to say if you have long hair and sleep with 
one of those foam pillows that are molded on one side...
and have had your hair stop growing on the back only(!!)..
well~ I wondered why my hair was 
breaking off at the back of my head
at the nape of my neck!!!
I finally figured it out after two years~it was the darn pillow!
I told my hairdresser and she sleeps with one too and
her hair had been doing the same thing!
The hair was not growing longer in the back 
anymore, just the sides!! 
It snaps the hair off, grabbing it on the foam. Ugh.
Automatic mullet maker.
What the heck!
So I stopped using the pillow to see if it was the culprit,
and sure enough it was.
Although I liked the comfort and support of the foam,
it is confirmed, as my hair has grown back now~
the tempur pedic style foam pillow causes hair breakage.
I couldn't figure out how to work this into a post,
so I am just adding it on here as a 
"public service announcement" for 
women with long hair who can't figure out why 
their hair looks awful in the back.
 Tip for the Day

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