A pretty Mora wall clock

The white painted staircase, the cow painting,
 the bucket of garden flowers and of course, a Mora clock.
This photo was taken by Heather Bullard, and I have always loved it.
But I recall reading something more about this house...
who lives here, or maybe it was about who painted the cow...
if you know anything I would be glad if you could share.
Ever since I saw Brooke Giannetti's mora clock 
I wanted one.  Such a pretty graceful shape!
These two photos are similar in that they have 
white painted stairs and vintage furnishings
in addition to the clocks.  Brookes version is creamier,
the first version is pure white~both stunning.
Now this miniature mora clock is for sale in my online
I have one in my living room finally and love the look.
Are you a Mora clock fan?


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