About Mora Clocks~

The story of the Mora clock is quite romantic~
the farming town of Mora, Sweden, fell upon hard times in the late 1700s.
The farmers all banded together and started making clocks! 
Each farmer's family had a specific task, 
like in a production line, and together the town 
created these unique clocks to sell to the wealthy.  
They made about 1000 clocks a year for 80 years. 
The clocks were sold without the wooden case~it was up to the buyer
to arrange for a carpenter to make a clock case for the clock works.
This explains why each Mora clock looks so different.
These Mora clocks were for sale at the 
Brimfield Fair when I visited last September.
They all averaged roughly $3500 a piece, and they are reproductions.
This Mora clock in one of the booths at Brimfield 
was an original, with the same price~!
You can find many examples online as  vendors are uploading
their inventory to the web to capture American shoppers
as this clock is the darling of the antique world right now.
This pretty mora clock has the original works 
and is for sale in my state of Massachusetts!
This shop has an extensive selection of authentic Mora clocks.
Early Mora clocks have the inscription of A S S Mora
on the face, which are the initials of the first clockmaker in Mora.
Early secondary paint in pretty pink covers this clock case!
This looks much like Annie Sloan Antoinette and Old White with dark wax!
This original 1820s Mora clock has a signed face as well.
If you are shopping for an authentic Mora clock 
you must check out Cupboards and Roses,
the Swedish shop located in Sheffield Massachusetts.
This 1810 Mora clock has its original paint with a garland of roses
and a painted landscape scene reflecting the popularity of chinoiserie.
The clock were often painted in lighter colors such as white or powder blue 
as they better reflected the candle light and were easier
 to read during the long dark winter.
The curvy female shape and the figure eight shape clock cases was standard
however taller and thinner cases were constructed in Northern Sweden.
This tall Mora has its original blue and salmon paint.
The idea of a band of poor farmers coming together to create 
 a thing of beauty that is now iconic is wonderful to imagine.
This is what I have learned and can share with you about Mora clocks.
Take a peek at this original and rare Mora 31" wall clock.
In cream, taupe and green it is for sale at only (!) $6500.
You can purchase a56" reproduction mora wall clocks 
or  75" reproduction mora floor clocks in your choice of custom colors
 at our online store www.shopmaisondecor.com
Check it out!!


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