My (Repro) Mora Clock

 I've been obsessing writing about Mora clocks last month.
A town of Swedish farmers started making them in the 1790s.
Someday I hope to have an authentic Swedish Mora clock,
but until then I am happy with this repro wall clock.
 I plan to paint it, of course! When it arrived yesterday via UPS I was excited to hang it up by the front door.  That meant relocating the french desk, and in this house, when one new thing comes in, it sets off a whole ball in motion of moving lots of things around. Unless you have a mansion, this is normal.
 At the auction last week I bid on this simple Scandinavian rush chair with painted details thinking it would look nice sitting underneath the Mora clock.  Pulling out the desk and putting these here instead really opened up the entryway near the stairs.  It feels light and airy now.
The pretty french desk used to stand sentinel by the doorway~
but it always felt crowded.
Now it feels more spacious!
 On another note~I got hit by the tummy bug, 
and I will be on this couch all day~
reading Patina Style (I love it!) and reading blogs on my mac.
 This couch is really comfy~
I'll have the fire going on this wintery New England Day,
and this will be my view while I am having my sick leave on the couch.
 Before I get back on the couch, 
I'll share the pics I took last night after we put the clock up.
I don't generally share lamp lit photos, 
but it really felt cozy in here last night. 
If you want to read more on Mora clocks, 
check out the "pretend" Mora clock Debbie, from the Lake House
 just hung up in her cottage.  It was in her shop and
 it was black and gold~she gave it a 
coat of white milk paint and it looks beautiful! 

 I'll be heading to Brimfield Antiques Fair in May and I found out that the Lone Ranger Antiques guy, Jeff, will be there! He has amazing Mora clocks from Sweden~you can read more on his website that my dear reader, Paula,  sent me:  Lone RangerAntiques.  While I was checking out his site, (Ok, maybe I am obsessed) I was reading his guest book and I noticed that there was an entry from a happy  customer, Betsy Duggan!  Betsy is the dear reader who sent me the blue opaline chandy parts for my living room chandy as a gift.  Our paths continue to cross~its very cool.  She calls herself, "the other Betsy" (!) in deference to my designer buddy and blogger Betsy Speert.  Well, "the other Betsy" bought a Swedish hutch from Lone Ranger and her note said she was saving her pennies for a Mora clock!! 
 So I KNOW I am not alone on this thing I have with the Mora clock acquisition!


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