Happy Easter~thank you chickens!

~Artful Egg Laying~
 The Easter Bunny usually gets all the credit~
but I am tipping my hat to the chickens
 that live on family farms and yards.
 Mr. Maison Decor brought home a dozen eggs 
from a friend whose family has chickens.
The prettiest eggs I had ever seen~
 Pale green, shell pink, peach with pink dots 
and freckled brown eggs were in the box.
That was a surprise to me~all the ones from the 
supermarket are the same uniform color.
Then I remembered reading somewhere that each chicken 
lays an egg special to themselves and that you can identify 
which hen laid which egg by the color and appearance!
 This was the first year I remember that I didn't dye any eggs~
so these fresh eggs were a lovely substitute, don't you think?
This darling little basket is my 20 year old son's Easter basket~
I found it one year when visiting my mom and dad in Naples, Florida.
A shop there had the cutest Easter stuff~and so this came home with me.
Simply adorable!  After filling it with the chicken's pastel eggs, 
it looked even cuter, so I took it outside for an
 Easter photo shoot before church~
But this is what I think of when I think of Easter Sunday~
little girls in their new Easter dresses!!
These are my darling twin nieces at age 2~
Happy Easter Audris and Brooksley!


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