Union Jack table, Restoration Hardware style, Hot Pink Garden Chairs~

 We have all seen those fun pieces of furniture painted with the Union Jack.
Colin was going to do his first Chalk Paint ™ project~
 a school house desk and he came up with the idea of 
doing the British flag on the top of the desk.
 This well used little wooden desk is darling and sturdy.
It has a divot on the top for holding a pencil and a storage area
underneath the desk top~
the crayon marks speaks to its history~so cute!
 Colin printed out a flag image and then drew it out on the table top~
 He painted the desk with Napoleonic Blue first~
 Then taped off the top and did the Napoleonic Blue, 
followed by Emperor's Silk.
 Peeling off the painters tape is the best part!! 
Make sure you press down hard 
on the edge of the tape to be painted 
so it won't seep underneath~
Remove the tape while the paint is still damp or wet~
we will reveal the table tomorrow!!
While Colin was doing his first project I was painting a client's hope chest.
 Pretty right? This is NOT the finished chest~it came this way
 with a sprayed on finish in green with gold. 
It is perfectly fine, but my client Suzanne wanted
 that brushed grey look~a Restoration Hardware type of look.
 Anytime you get the first coat of chalk paint going it might look scary~
you are going to see the brush strokes~but hold onto your pants 'cuz 
the second coat is a whole different story!
 First coat finished~I find the details of a piece really stand out with this color.
Its an elegant color, French Linen. 
 The first coat is finished and you can see it still drying in spots~
after I finish the second coat I will be doing a dry brush technique
combined with a moist rag to create depth using  two tone color~
I will mix a 50/50 French Linen and Old White for that over the 2 coats of 
the base color of solid French Linen.
 Second coat completed~you can see the over spray 
of the original factory green color underneath the drawer.
 Speaking of over spray~check out Colin's sneakers in pink....
 I don't use Annie Sloan™ products for everything!!
 I used a new color group of spray paint
at Lowes...this hot pink spray paint was so fun I had to try it...
 I finished a set of 4 chairs and covered the old cushions 
in a vintage but good as new condition table cloth.
 It is so sweet and fun...I would love to have
a breakfast room with these chairs around a table.
We are selling them at $45 each~a steal if I say so myself!
You can always run to Lowes and buy more pink spray paint and do an
old table you have to make your own matched set!
 Other pretty things keep getting added to the store~
linen pillows and french paisley quilted feather pillows!
This is the fun part of having a shop, making things look pretty.
Even without Betsy's help!! I just try my best....
 Miniature garden urns~
 My tiffany blue chair, I am still in love with it,
 so I gave it a photo shoot in front of the 
random decoupaged door....
 The second chair got its French Linen wash 
and the silver rub n buff...
 So now I have a pair...I waxed them too.  I will be using 
one as my desk chair to test the wear on the seats.
 I was so busy yesterday~I sold all but one seat for the June 24th workshop.
  I had customers coming and going, including an old client
 whose house I decorated! 
So that was a nice surprise when she popped in..
she went home with the bunny on the table that she had 
seen in the blog as well as one of the crowns...
and then I had a gal from Vermont who
 is in love with my clock and angel wings...
 She wanted to know about the colors and what would 
work best with her Benjamin Moore colors.
So I put Pure White, Cream and Old White Annie Sloan™ 
color samples on the floor with Gretchen's sample of 
Weston Flax and Light as a Feather...
the Weston flax is quite similar to Cream...
I sent her some pics so she could try to 
see for herself as best one can on a computer monitor...
The wings were sent too...she has a gustavian  
decorating style way up in Vermont in her idyllic sounding house
~and these would be perfect  if she can find the right spot!
So that is the latest from Maison Decor~
I hope to be sharing the finished pieces 
Colin and I are working on soon...


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