Annie Sloan's new video~its a wowser!

Tuesday is a busy day in the shop as it is the first day 
back after two days off~
I have lots of shipping to do~~all of you that ordered your 
gilding waxes will be getting that 
very soon!  But I always try to get in my creative time at the shop too!
I have an upcoming Advanced Techniques class and 
I started preparing a few 
smaller sample boards to see which combinations I like best....
in the meantime I have Colin preparing a video for my shop and this is an excerpt photo
from some of his tape.  After I finished doing some 
of the Advanced board I stumbled  across Annie Sloan's newest video!
You just have to watch it~she is so inspiring to me...
I love watching her, and I feel like I am her mini-me over here in the US~
(haha~a real micro mini-me!!)

But neverless, Annie is my muse~watch and see why!


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