Beautiful Bedroom Set~painted in my house!! and so much more...

 My shop is busting at the seams with all the inventory 
I have been buying for both my Malden and Boston shops...
I will fill you in on Boston next time around~so that brings me to 
painting custom work in my own home!  I have heard once you 
start doing this you can never reclaim your house! But I will say it 
was very efficient and I had my two days off to get set up and create
 a workable system.  I laid out a huge plastic drop cloth over 
the entire room, and tossed my coffee table onto the couch. 
Here is how it looked when we brought in all the pieces...yikes!
 In the dining room I laid out the flat pieces like the bed 
and the mirror~recognize my chandy?
 Temperature controlled with air conditioning was great as it 
makes sure the paint and wax will dry properly in the summer heat and humidity.
 This bedroom set is really terrific looking with old world lines.  
My client, Suzanne, inherited this
set from her grandmother and we updated it with an 
elegant paint job in Annie Sloan™ French Linen with a decorative finish 
of dry brushing over the French Linen using a 50/50 mix with FL and 
Old White Chalk Paint™.  It came out stunning, and Mr. Maison Decor
 must have walked into the living room at least six times and told me
 how beautiful he thought it looked! That was a record for a response!!
 We painted the hardware as well~I like to saturate the dry brushing 
on the edges of the moldings and the carved details.
 Not everyone is so lucky to inherit such pretty furniture!
 The ladies dresser~

 That frenchy scrolled detail just came to life with the Chalk Paint.
 The headboard had a lovely shell motif as did the dresser mirror~

 After two coats of French Linen and the dry brushing I waited a day to start the waxing.  
You can see there is a lot of waxing to be done, and using the Ultimate Wax Brush ($34.98)
makes the job so much quicker.  It also leaves the wax on the brush, 
so you don't waste it as you do when applying with a cloth.  
I am happy to tell you that these will be in my online shop as of today~
as I have had so many people interested in this particular brush. 
Tips on cleaning the brush~use Dawn dish washing detergent
 when you are ready to retire your brush from its waxing duties.  
While I am in the middle of waxing projects, I keep my 
Ultimate Wax Brush in a non-latex surgical glove and it 
keeps it nice and moist.  Any wax brush purchase online will include 
one of these gloves for easy storage during use. 
 Back to the bedroom set~the dry brushing just makes the whole 
appearance of the set more sophisticated and elegant and totally
 jacks up the appeal!  I will do a tutorial on dry brushing in the future.
 Suzanne also got this lamp from her grandmother.  It will be 
getting a bit of a makeover as well~now please don't write 
and tell me we will ruin this piece!! Its going to be gorgeous!
 Listen to this strange thing that happened today! I had my picker Paul drop by 
with some furniture. I bought a couple of dressers from him 
and then showed him pics on my iPad of the set I painted above.
He told me could get me a similar set....I said really?
 He went to check it out and sent me these
photos, and it is the exact same set!! He looked in the drawers 
and it is made by the same furniture company.
The details and hardware are identical!! 
Isn't life strange like that?  So I bought it and I will be getting it 
tomorrow and will finish it for the Boston store!
 And my latest favorite thing to do is use my French Gilding waxes~
here I am gilding this old mirror with King Gold.
 This is the before of the mirror.  Slight gold on the inner 
rounded molding, plain greyish plaster on the scrollwork on the framework.
 This gilding wax is soooo fabulous~!
 I will continue to share its virtues with you.
It is also a product that can be found in my online store for purchase.
 It came out elegant and authentic~and look in the mirror to see what we are doing here at Maison Decor.
I shot this right before we left work...
 I was with Colin and snapped him checking his phone~so he had to laugh. 
They say America runs on Dunkins....and I will say yesterday
 I had myself a nice big iced coffee to give me boost to continue 
pumping out my workload.  Another mora in Cream and Old White is being worked on 
for a custom order...I still had to go home and continue the 
bedroom set, and on top of all that I finally got the lease for Boston!!! 
So stay tuned for more continuing shop adventures.  
My online store is at
The latest in my schedule is an Advanced Class, 
An Annie Sloan Shop Apprentice Day for big kids ages 11-16, 
and another Introductory Techniques workshop. 
Details about the Advanced Techniques class~Wednesday evening August 15th~
 We will create a large Master Board that will encompass
 many beautiful techniques, like metal leaf, decoupage, romantic overlay
 two color stencils, gilding waxes, craqueleur, and more~
Lastly I am considering dumping all my advertising...can I ask you if you find
it bothersome?  I do get a nice paycheck from these ads that help
me with my financial situation, but would you all LOVE it if I got rid of the ads?


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