Boston opens! Betsy's Cabinet, a Wedding Mora Clock, Colin's New Truck

 Finally~open for business in Boston!
Maison Decor Boston
524 Harrison Ave
Open every day but Tuesday~
but Maison Decor Malden will have you covered that day!
Take a look at Betsy's cabinet that she let me use in the shop
for paint stock~can you say fabulous?
 We just got it in the shop Thursday night, and I went 
to the store yesterday to see it for myself
and to share some pics with you guys! I will say, this 
is the most exciting thing...and although totally exhausted, I am thrilled.
 I love how the store looks~its a concept that is ringing my bells.
I love love love the look in Boston.
 We have assorted one of a kind home dec accessories~like silver trays...
 and metal lanterns....
 and look whats in the window! Its the famous 
Betsy Speert Chalk Paint™ Faux Bois table!
You can have a true designer piece in your home~
can check it out before its gone!
 The large antlers in the bowl have been sold~first sale today!
 I will be getting some more,
and they are REAL antlers, not fakes.
 More wings are on their way as this pair sold too~
 A bigger view of the shop~
and looking back towards the front door~
Justin did an exceptional job on the free hand lettering.
He used to do caligraphy as a boy and it has come back to pay
off in our store much so that my head is turning with plans
like this piece below~
 source unknown
I love this gilded lettered chest!
I plan to have pieces done in this style for our shop...
we will do custom pieces too, 
like "Maison Smith" or "Maison Speert"....
 So here I am in my Malden shop this morning, as the Boston store takes flight!
Its a weird feeling to not be there in person, but I am in spirit...
thought I would share some Moras I have been working on~
one is for a wedding gift! And the other is just a regular custom order.
 Old white with gilding~I use the gilding wax now 
as it presents a softer look over the metal leaf.
 Pretty gilded Mora~available on line at
 I have been rearranging my new found space as
 all the overloaded inventory headed into Boston.
 Crackled top with gilding~
gonna teach a Furniture Finishes class in Boston in October.
Oh but you should know that  this pretty rush seat bench went into Boston yesterday~
 Justin in front our double doors in Boston~its showtime!
How proud I am of him for being so capable and talented!
Good luck Jay!!
And my other  guy Colin~
We got his new truck on the road yesterday and he was eager
to head back to college in Amherst Mass.
He got his plates on and then picked me up at close of work yesterday.
Its been a wonderful experience starting this business 
with Colin's help.  I am getting all teary eyed writing this post...
 he really has been a marvel to me, and I will miss him a lot.

Good luck with your senior year Colin!
 I couldn't have done this without you!
Justin and I will be waiting for you when you get back!!

(For more store information please click on the 
store links on the blog sidebar.) 

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