Holiday looks and a quick tour of the shop

 The Malden Maison Decor shop is more of a studio workshop 
where you will see us working on furniture with Annie Sloan™  
and Miss Mustard Seed products
as well as some new additions to our stable like Pearl Plaster and 
French gilding waxes and Gilders pastes.
When you walk through the door this week here is what you see!
A Victorian era hall tree that is quite tall and ornate.
Its been treated to a very cool finish and it has an icy aqua aged look now.
 I just love the finish on this piece~
its Duck Egg Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan followed 
up with Pearl Plaster and then waxing in both clear and dark.
 We gussied up the store for the holidays just in time for 
our friends and family gathering
and the wreath on this hall tree was purchased by one of the guests! 
 One of the easiest ways 
to decorate for the holidays is to add wreaths 
or greenery to your existing pieces.
 The store is basically split down the middle with one area 
to the right and the left~so if you head to your right you will 
be in this area that is mostly filled with furniture for sale 
and some home dec accessories.
 A few of the pieces at the end will be getting paint jobs and 
special finishes unless they get sold before I get my hands on them!
 New auction finds are added to the shop 
often creating the need to make a new vignette.
 On the other side of the store there is a larger area.  
This is where I will hold my workshops on the big French Provincial table.
 For the party I pushed it to the side and set it up for an appetizer buffet.
 Looking towards the cash register area you can see
 a pile of brown boxes waiting to be picked up 
and shipped out to my online shoppers.
 I set the buffet up with a purple and gold  striped silk fabric remnant 
and layered an old tapestry on top of that and finished it
 off with some of my own pieces of purple transferware.
Its an elegant color combination~
Hence the purple pojnsettia~
and antique bottle of 100 year old Veuve Cliquot!
 We set up a wine bar on one of the dressers and flanked them 
with heavy iron french lamps that I got from auction without shades.
I wired some velvet leaves with lavendar sequins to the lamp necks and
embellished with a sugared fruit pic in baby blue and lavendar.

The roses were set up in a vintage ice bucket and a new beverage tub from Costco
was set on a huge ornate silver plate tray to catch any condensation.
Fresh flowers always make for an elegant party atmosphere.
I tucked in some of the velvet sequined leaves between the roses.
 At the start of the party the beverage tub was filled and I was ready to greet my guests!
 Colin lined this antique French laundry basket with
 black plastic liner and filled it with ice for beer and soft drinks.
You can spy him in the work area through the mirror~
 Other tabletops in the shop were treated to little sprinkles of holiday cheer.
 A tiny tree sits in the window~
 This is our holiday tour at Maison Decor Malden~
hope you can stop by if you get a chance!
And since many of my friends are in blogland
 I know this is the closest they will get.
Justin snapped this pic of me having a great time at the party last night~
my sisters and brother and nieces and old tennis friends came!
 And some surprise childhood pals showed up too~
my landlord and his wife and sister came
as well as all of my sons and their dad and his girlfriend!
Mr. Maison Decor told me it was a great time and I did it just right~
he is a sweetheart and after working hard its 
always nice to hear that, don't you agree?
A grainy  iPhone pic captured another moment at the party~
But today we are back to work~
so call us if you need any paint or clocks or wings!!


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