Mahogany table gets the Weathered Grey Belgian look

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 This is a Duncan Phyfe style mahogany table that is common to New England~
it is equated with a standard of living that many aspired to or did indeed enjoy.
My client found this table on Craigslist and thought it would be perfect for her 
smashing new condo  in Charlestown Mass~but with one little twist.
She wanted it to look like weathered wood~
a soft grey and cream bleached out look,
kind of  an elegant driftwood effect.  
Nothing like the traditional days of old....this table 
is going to be the perfect blend of history with style!
And so she came to me with her request~and this is how I did it.
Take a look at how reflective this surface is~
you can see the paint cans from the shelves.
That required a light sanding of the wood to break the surface tension
to assure the paint could grab and hold.
 After making a few samples for her to select from, she found the perfect one.
 I got to work on the table by sanding, then applying Annie Sloan's wonderful paint 
in two coats of grey, letting them dry in between. 
 For large pieces like this, I have to paint them right in the middle of the store/studio, 
so I put paper plates under each leg and commenced. 
I covered the brass claw feet too,
using my Annie paint brush shown here. This is the first coat~
make sure you put a nice even coat but don't
go overboard and load it on so thickly...
the second coat will fill in any of your brush strokes.
 Then I got to the decorative finish.  The effect called for a 
dry brush technique which is essentially using a dry brush to
 add another surface layer of paint. 
 The key is to be consistent with your strokes.
The left side is two plain coats, the right side shows the dry brushed area.
 Old Ochre over Paris Grey~
 See the brush strokes? 
You want to see the brush marks...this is the effect you are going for.
 This table had 3 leaves. It is important to do it 
all at the same time so you have the consistency of application.
You can see the sample piece between the leaves.
 After I wax it, the color will change to the sample as the wax darkens the color.
 I put all the leaves in place to check on the overall effect. 
I would do  the final dry brushing with them in position.
I dry brushed this table around 3 - 4 times
 with light layers to get the look I was going for.
 It was very handy that Mr. Maison Decor popped in
 to my shop to say hi (and ask if I had lunch for him).
  So he helped me get the leaves in the table as there 
can be no room for error. 
Four hands are better than two at times like these...
and I couldn't pull the table out by myself either. 
I ponied up and bought him a steak tip lunch from the restaurant across the street
and he helped his dear wife with her task and then sat back to watch me start the waxing.
(Hey Laurie from Heaven's Walk blog~that's your Christmas card on my counter!! Thank you!!)
See how the color darkens up as you wax? 
It also makes the colors feel richer and more complex.
I love seeing the wax go on...but it takes some muscle!
 Work you r wax in a section at a time and wipe off 
with a clean cloth as you move along.  Tomorrow it will 
be buffed out and another coat added for extra protection.
Its getting late at Maison Decor! I still have to finish waxing...but wanted to 
share this with you before midnight rolled around.
When it is all finished I will hopefully get a pic of it in its new home to share.
It will be sitting in front of a suede banquette.
Its going to be going right there!!
 On top of ebony floors it should look pretty amazing!
 There are all shades of grey, cream, white and black in this 
space and the yin and yang of the weathered table
 with the crisp black and white should be stunning. 
 On another note I wrote about the new pillows made by Betsy Speert last time.
I came up with a quick but  chic tag for them and plan on sharing the how tos next time.
 You can use these for Christmas gift tags as well and they only cost pennies to make.
 I've been enjoying my WORKBOOK journal too~I feel like a kid again being free to cut and paste and draw and paint inside of the pages....
 Make sure you take a look at mine if you ever pop in,
 or get one for yourself as a Christmas present!
And finally~look who rolled back into town for his long college winter break!!!
My delivery guy! (And right hand man around the shop)
Lots of work is headed his way,
and his tired mom is sooooo glad he's back!


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