Looking for Chalk Paint® and more?

 When you walk in the shop at Maison Decor Malden 
there is no mistake about it~
we sell Annie Sloan's famous bestest paint in the world~!
Chalk Paint®!
We are the ONLY paint that can be called Chalk Paint!!
Pretty darn cool~Annie worked awfully long and hard for the last twenty years
with this marvelous paint she invented~and now that it has found popularity
the wanna be pretenders are comin' out of the woodwork!!
So I am PROUD of Annie Sloan! And PROUD to sell her paint,
as she so fondly calls THE BEST PAINT IN THE WORLD
We sell it in Boston too at 524 Harrison Ave!
 Anyway~so when you walk through our Malden shop door you will 
always find different set ups due to the fact that 
we sell everything that isn't nailed down basically....
but at the moment I have a big sideboard that holds a
 ton of samples done in all kinds of colors and finishes.  
Many shoppers find this helpful to look through to find the
 finish they hope to recreate for their own projects.  
We have all the colors straight out of the can painted on 
wood samples so you don't have to just pick a color from 
a color chart.  If you want to go a little further you can select 
from samples that show things that have been antiqued and glazed and crackled too.
 Now that Annie Sloan has got the official registered trademark 
under her belt she has given us a new logo too. 
 Look for the circle with ANNIE SLOAN STOCKIST on it~
it comes in different colors, but the design is the same. 
 She thoughtfully made it available in different colors to
 fit different shop's decors.  I used some of Artisan Enhancements
 transfer gel to put in on this vintage frame~
 The other stuff in the shop is the latest projects we have using Annie's paint, 
like this fabric and cane backed french chair. I still haven't finished it, 
but it is at the point where it is ready for waxing and maybe something else. 
 The pretty dresser sold and will be headed out of the shop next 
Tuesday making space for new vintage pieces to display.
 While you might run across some home decor items in the Malden shop,
 we are mostly the go to place to see projects of all kinds, 
like painted chandeliers, painted furniture of course,
 and tons of things to inspire the DIYer who is looking for help, 
ideas and answers before they begin their own projects.
 One of the newer things we have added to this shop is the 
Artisan Enhancement line which works nicely with our beloved Chalk Paint®.  
 The Easy Crackle is my latest fav~and I have been 
cracking it up around here!! This is a sample board showing how the 
Easy Crackle reveals the under color of Old Ochre after
 it has been covered in Paris Grey.  I finished it off with 
Clear and Dark soft waxes by Annie Sloan to create an antiqued look. 
 The doors to this music cabinet were given the Easy Crackle treatment.
 They also got a dash of Pearl Plaster for that luminescent pearlized look.
You will get plenty of choices to pick from if you are looking 
to add a little extra character to your painted furniture. 
 Come look at our specialty samples to help you decide. 
That way you don't have to guess what it will look like! 
You can actually handle pieces of decorative wood moldings
 in all kinds of colors and specialty finishes like gilding waxes, 
pastes and the Artisan Enhancement line.
How about doing your closet doors with some Easy Crackle and Chalk Paint®?
I thought the basic white latex painted door would be a good foil for adding Easy Crackle
and then a layer of Duck Egg blue paint....look at the crackly finish!
It adds character to wherever you add it~
I have some clients who are doing  over a set of builder basic hollow core
closet doors in their bedroom right now.  The plan is to make them look like aged
antique paneled doors.  They will be doing Graphite base 
with Paris Grey and Easy Crackle just like my Music Cabinet doors.  
So stop by our shop~its more like a furniture art studio!
This Sunday I will be having an Advanced Techniques class in washes and glazes
with ten ladies~we SOLD OUT in record time....that tells me you guys are looking
to do more with what you have~and its just so easy to do 
with all of these great products and a little know how!
Our next Advance Techniques class will be using the Artisan Enhancements line.
I'll be headed out to Colorado at the end of the month for some one on one
with one of the founders of the company for some hands on learning~more on that later!!
And to wrap it up if you have an extra minute head over to my son Justin's blog,
he wrote about his dear old mom today. 
For workshop information and registration go here


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