Painting fabric on chairs and random stuff

It just seems strange to paint fabric I admit~
but I have been thrilled with the results every time I try it.
 Here is the before and after of a french chair. Side by side this pair used to be the same. First thing I did was to paint the entire thing in a coat of Old White Chalk Paint®.  Then I did one more after it dried.
The upholstery was a quilted style heavy fabric in gold.
It really take more paint to cover fabric than it does wood.
You can water down the paint a bit, but not a lot.
After it dries sand it lightly with 500 grit paper so it feels 
soft and smooth.  Yes, it sands nicely and feels so soft!
Next step:  I waxed it with a mix I made out of Annies soft wax 
and mineral spirits.
Just making the wax a little easier to spread over the fabric
 I added about 1 part mineral spirits to two parts wax in a plastic cup. 
 It has the consistency of soft butter.
 This photo was after I used it...but this is how I applied the 
softened wax over the seat. Just like you would wax a dresser,
 rub it in and around and spread it nice and evenly. I did not
 have to remove any excess as I applied it carefully without globbing it!!!
After waxing it feels kind of like a soft leather! 
Its quite amazing...a little dark wax to the chair frame 
and this chair has a whole new look!
Pretty french chair in Old White!
 This is the cabinet I made for a shop display for the 
Pearl Plaster and all that other good stuff~
 Finishing up this mammoth brass chandelier~I keep working on
 it and working on might never be done! Just kidding Melissa!
 This pretty vanity will be the next piece to get the 
Maison Decor treatment~what color do you think it should be?
 A faded blue mora clock heads out to her new home~
 on the heels of this cream colored mora!
I think the easter egg colors look so pretty on these clocks.
A student from Sunday's class fell in love with my Silvery Grey Sideboard.
She came in my shop today and bought it!
Its so exciting for me to see one of my creations go home with someone.
On another note~this sideboard was painted by one of my 
students, Eugenia! I think she did a fantastic job on it. I think she said
it was Olive, but it kind of looks like Chateau Grey....
Whatever it came out really cool.
Thats it from my little corner of the world~
hope you are getting a chance to flex your creative muscles~
'cause it feels sooooo good!

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