Spring fever!

 Officially it is spring but not here in Boston! 
At least the sun has been shining for the past couple of days 
and the snow is starting to melt off of the lawns. 
I am soooo ready for some beautiful spring weather!
White pants and a bright blue top for me today! Yesterday 
we got some official Annie Sloan logos for our store windows
 and doors~I ordered mine in Henrietta pink 
which matches the paint job on my shop. 
 My screen door is painted Duck Egg Blue which is 
a vintage aqua color~I love pink with aqua!
 My massive armoire is finished but for the finish coat~
I love how it came out. Its also a vintage aqua color.
 A rustic pot of lavendar looks springy on my desk.
 Great looking faux, which I think are hard to find. 
We often carry these in our shop~both online and in 
our brick and mortar stores.
 From the outside of the shop my cheery pink sign hangs welcoming all!
And in the window is Mr. Easter Bunny~
I plan to cook Easter dinner this year~
what another triumph that will be for me,
I have already got it all planned out.  Not doing a traditional Easter Ham 
but a roast beef with some of my favorite pureed cauliflower and leek
 (my lo-carb mashed potato substitute). 
We will have regular potatoes too and lots of veggies.  
Finishing up with a delicious coconut cream pie!!! 
(Marie Calendar's in the frozen food section makes a knockout!)
 We loved getting in Annie Sloan's new book 
Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture! I decided to
 make a small book area on this great old scrubbed pine bookcase 
carrying only the books that I love!! See how selfish you can
 be when you have an odd little shop like this one?  
There are no rules, only the ones you want to have~
so I want only the books I love to read. 
Most are french inspired, or cottagey reads
 and of course Annie's selection which we sell online.
 This week we are painting a battalion of Mora clocks! 
Today we have two Old White clocks getting finished up, 
Justin and I will be working side by side on these babies, 
with his little dog Sylvia at our feet.
I will be adding May  WORKSHOP classes to the online shop soon~
April is SOLD OUT, except two seats in the April 28th class.
  Come have a blast and leave with so much information 
your head will explode~! When I teach my Annie Sloan Introductory class
 I really give you all you need to go ahead and translate that 
information into the ability to paint furniture.  Tons of extra tips 
and inside knowledge will make you feel assured of what project awaits! 
 Happy Spring everybody!!


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