One year ago we opened up shop in Boston. Sadly we are closing the doors.

 One year ago we opened our second Maison Decor location
in Boston's south end on Harrison Ave.  Its in an artsy area with little
foot traffic except on Sundays~and that is one of the reasons we decided to
not renew our lease and go for another year. There was not enough of 
the everyday pedestrian traffic to warrant another year.
And the shop was a bit on the small side for a shop that carries furniture.
We had 450 square feet~not a lot of space.

 And so today, Sunday August 25, 2013, will be the day Maison Decor Boston closes its doors.
We plan to regroup and hunt down the perfect city spot for our special little store.
We are having our first sale ever in the history of Maison Decor.
25 % off all the furniture~painted and antiques.
So many shoppers loved our  store~and we did too.  So its a sad day today~
but one I know is necessary for growing our business bigger and stronger. 
Justin poured his heart and soul into the shop. 
Every Sunday he and his girlfriend Madison could be found
 in the shop helping customers and ringing up sales while Sylvia played 
the role of the charming store mascot.
It was a true team effort~ Colin did a lot of the behind the scenes stuff like 
getting the inventory in and out and moving furniture to new homes.
Madison would stop in and update our inventory on her way 
to working another job~I was doing most of the buying~
all this made for a fantastic little treasure of a shop~
but not enough people found us on this mostly quiet street.  
So that will be the thing to focus on the next time round. 
As they say in real estate....Location! Location! Location!
 We found that to be true with our first store in Malden~
this too has closed to the public and is now operating as our 
warehouse and shipping center. 
We plan to have occasional warehouse furniture sales here.
 Finding that we needed a better location we lucked out 
in the hunt with our 150 Main Street Reading, MA location.  
This is in a great spot and we are enjoying one of our best months ever here. 
 Of course it is a lot of work to open a new store. 
This is our third store we have opened in a year and a half!
Taking an ugly duckling and making it beautiful~
thats what you have to do, and I very much like the process.
 Using fabrics and accessories to make a place come to life~
and give it a sense of style and identity.
Our Boston store had a different feel than our other store~
and that was part of the fun. 
 So while we hunt for our next store location in Boston we will be combining
 bits of both styles in our Reading shop which I am quite excited about.
Not so feminine, not so urban...
its going to evolve and I think it will be quite wonderful.
 This was the handout we have in the shop this weekend~
our shoppers can find us for updates on instagram and
 twitter as well as our blogs and of course directly in our Reading location.
So long Boston! 
We loved this fabulous little store of ours.
..sniff sniff....
but rest assured we plan to be back, better than ever!


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