Changes we love and a Mora Clock review

 So many of my blog readers will never step foot through our doors, so 
often I keep those of you in mind so you can see what it feels like in the shop.
Maison Decor is located at 150 Main Street, Reading, Mass in a suburban 
New England town and we feel right at home after getting such a warm welcome
from so many who live here.  I love that many mention how pleased they are
to have a small independent business in their town, and not another chain or big box
store or pizza place popping up.  The "shopping local" philosophy 
is truly what helps our small family business succeed!  Without our
shoppers continued support we would never be able to make it.
Do you know we love when one of our "regulars" walks in and 
checks out the latest and even if we don't have what they want this time,
they promise to be back.  And yes they do come back!
Many of our things are one of a kinds and they are sold quickly.
So come look around and just say hi~or ask us if you are looking for anything
in particular, we are also furniture hunters.  We have a customer request list that 
is filled with the particulars they are looking for.  We will send an email or 
a text and shoot over a photo when we track down something they might like.
 So thank you thank you thank you to all of our new customers and old regulars!  And for those of you  sitting in your armchairs in Texas, (or where ever) this post is for you!  We took our big long industrial table and turned it into our check out counter.  We love how it looks.  I made a burlap skirt for the front 
by stapling it underneath and it is working out great.  Its the perfect height for a counter too.  You can see Justin at work on the computer at a desk we have facing the wall underneath the color chart display.
 This old industrial table was actually used for assembling the tops to bombs in World War II.
It has seen a lifetime of activity, but I bet it likes being in our store best!
 Other vignettes come together when we get new things in, 
like a pair of tufted back club chairs.
This series of Pagoda Prints is wonderful and we do
 sell them separately if all you need is one.
 Grey and metallic and iron all mix it up on a dresser top.  
 Justin created this Book on Hooks whimsical display. 
 Its pure nonsense, but so fun to look at! Does anyone else think 
it reminds them of a Harry Potter moment?  
The hooks are branches and they were installed upside down, 
and the books are vintage.
 Nothing whimsical about this vignette~
its old school European country.
Our lovely antique mora flanks a country chest.
 Colors are French Linen/Old White Chalk Paint mix of 50/50 
for the grey areas, and Old Ochre Chalk Paint for the rest of the piece. 
Its ultra soft and elegant looking with just a bit of distressing.
 Only clear wax for the finish, no dark wax at all.  
This piece is getting lots of looks and the price is right...
I have a feeling it won't be around long.
So if you are in the neighborhood stop by and say hello and see if we 
have anything for your home, or ask us to look for what you need.
Justin will add it to the list on our computer.  Or give us a call on our
official french hotline! Can you see that old phone behind J? 
Yup, it works and we use it all the time. 
This week I am taking 3 days off!! You wanna know why?

Because we are hosting an Engagement dinner here 
this weekend and I need to whip everything into shape.
Mr. Maison Decor came home last night and said it 
felt like the good old days around the house~everything is
getting sparkled up and straightened out and I will be taking
pics of it all and showing if off right here!
Until then~have a great weekend!

Oh yeah....I almost forgot!  The Deluxe Mora Clock review!!
 We got the most lovely call from Antoinette who lives in the Hamptons. 
 She ordered a Gustavian Grey Deluxe Mora clock last month.  
We figured she was  pretty nervous
 about it because both Justin and I had spoken to her on the phone.  
Well she called today to say it had come and as she 
unwrapped it she was so happy with how stunningly beautiful it was!
Justin spent many hours on that clock and in particular the clock face
and she was beyond happy with it.  We were happy she picked up the 
phone for the third time to let us know she was very a satisfied customer.
So if any of you are on the fence, we have been getting very nice 
comments on them after they have been received.

Go to our website above for more information on workshops,
mora clocks, furniture as well as Chalk Paint®!


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