Romantic Tole Trays

Gosh I love this kitchen.
The farmhouse sink, the white glazed cabinets, the chandelier, and a pretty window.
There is a shelf with brackets above the sink window kind of like mine.
I spy some tole trays, which I have been collecting for 30 years.
There are two above the window and one against the backsplash.
Another on the island serving up drinks.
My window and brackets.
Note to self: need farmhouse sink.
Tole trays are pretty  little paintings of roses on an interesting canvas.
Seems like these trays have fallen out of favor,
along with some other things that used to be "hot"
like graniteware, spongeware, majolica, limoges, needlepoint....
which goes to prove, collect things because you like them,
not because they are trendy or hot.
Even then, sometimes we get tired of our collections.
When I saw this kitchen on Cindy's Romantic Home blog,
I remembered why I started collecting these trays.
They are so romantic and pretty, and they look terrific in this kitchen.
They usually come in black, but you can find them in other colors.
 Almost all of the trays in the kitchens here are in pastels, not black.
Flea Market Trixie's kitchen appealed to me because of this turquoise tray!
Without the tray, its your average nice white and grey kitchen.
The tray is a scene stealer~I was so  happy to find this recent image,
because I was looking for ways to use my collection, that have been sitting unused.
This kitchen showcases a great collection of tole trays.
It was featured in an old issue of Romantic Homes,
and I just love how this kitchen looks!
I pulled out some of my trays, and played around 
trying to copy this gorgeous kitchen.
My window shelf is too close to the ceiling 
so I can't display any up there.
But maybe I can use them in other spots....
So I will be working on my kitchen and 
maybe figuring out how to add a little tole magic into the mix.

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