A chandelier for the foyer

Ok, I know~right after Betsy told me I had too many crystals 
I am posting about another chandelier!
Well this was in the works for a couple of weeks, 
and I think it would pass muster.
I picked it up at the antique co-op all shiny brass like this...
Took it up to my office where I am reworking 
some other chandeliers and a new sconce
and I painted it with old white chalk paint for that shabby look.
It looked gorgeous and I was thrilled with it~
even Mr. Maison Decor said he liked it and I didn't even ask.
These crystals are big and heavy and have the old school connector wires.
 The crystals graduate down in size as they go to the bottom of the fixture.
And they have those big rectangle crystals that I think are called coffins.
 Here was the old boob light fixture from Home Depot....
The new sparkly shabby crystal basket light!
Its not an "in your face" kind of chandy....
Its just right I think...
I'll be sure to check with the boss about it~
but what's done is done!
 In the meantime I was also working on this sconce....
To replace this fixture at the top of the staircase
But I hit a snag...
It got a paint job and a string of crystals between the double arms.
When we went to hang it I realized there would be 
no room to screw in a light bulb due to the slant of the ceiling!
 I guess that is why we had a downward dog light there before.
So I had Mr. MD turn it facing down, and it looks dumb.
So I am back to the drawing board on the sconce,
but thrilled about the basket chandy.

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