My visit to Betsy Speert's House!

 The Speert story continues...I was invited to Betsy's house to help her get her blog started up.  I was really looking for forward to seeing her house and how she had decorated it~it was everything and more than I thought it might be!  I can't tell you how pretty and detailed all of her rooms were.  This lady is a genius decorator and each room had me blown away!  I couldn't help but gawk and try and take it all in. Betsy is letting me share with you her living room.  She mixes things with a seemingly  effortless style.  Gasp!  This room is gorgeous~lets get to all of the things I loved about it.  The white slipcovers, the floral slipcovers, the mix of pretty fabrics, the tole trays, the pastel blue linen draperies, the cow paintings, the white wood walls...her table tops each are accessorized with things that make you stop and look and want to touch..
Oh, and a super design secret she shared with me...that window you see above on the right of the cabinet?  It is a mock window she installed with mirror behind it to create balance in the room. Just amazing, she is!
Her white slipped sofa has an assortment of floral pillows.  She has summer slipcovers made for her ottoman and side chairs.  I adore that large ottoman with the short kick pleats, and the fabric underneath is a fabulous old textile for when winter arrives.  The only thing she considered dated is the tiny footstool because of  the tassel trim.  I still thought it was darling.
OMG!!! This was what I first saw when I entered this room.  Wow, I just LOVED how this room felt. Its bright and cheery and elegant and whimsical and pretty and inviting... Do you see that great big cabinet in blue and coral pink?  Isn't it wonderful??  Lots of white slipcovers to be had, but not such a shabby chic look as much as a sophisticated cottage look.  Betsy has such a nice collection of paintings, and in this room they are mostly of cows.  Look at those pretty blue linen draperies on white poles... I am so going to copy you Betsy.
This coral color is terrific in here, and look at how great all the cream ceramics look against it.  Now, look above the painted cabinet~she has accessorized it with nothing other than tole trays!   Yes, one of my personal favs, Betsy uses tole throughout her house.  I was in heaven taking it all in.  So many things to covet...she yelled at me not to steal anything while she went to the bathroom.  Huh?   I hadn't thought of that....and I did bring a large pocket book!!   She gave me a tour of her house, and with all the prettiness I could hardly stand it!  Then we settled into the dining room with our laptops.  OMG!   Her dining room is another gorgeous room~
Such pretty wallpaper and what a knockout of a chandy!  I am sure she will be posting on this pretty room for you all soon.
I wish I could show you more of her house, but that is what you will get to discover on Betsy's new blog.   I helped her get it up and running today and I can't wait until she starts sharing images of this incredible house. Would I trade my house for Betsy's?   In a New York minute!!  I know I am using lots of exclamation points, I can't help it, this house is so perfect in every way. She has the best taste!  Its going to be great seeing it all unfold on her blog, Betsy Speert's Blog. So go over and introduce yourself and then watch for her posts.  Its going to be awesome!  
I left her house feeling so inspired~to visit Betsy's new blog and say hello click here: Betsy Speert Blog

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