French Vanity Seat

 Part of the bathroom makeover includes 
a remake of the vanity table and bench.
 The decorating style is French, of course~
This very old vanity bench sat in an antique shop
 in New Hampshire until I rescued it~
Then I did this to it. I upholstered it in a thick matelasse quilted cover
and painted it in old white chalk.
Now it needs to be frenchified so it fits the new style of the bathroom
 so I started by upholstering the seat cover in white linen and roses.
 This is pretty easy to do, just cut a square and start stapling
 at opposite ends, North, South, East and West.  
Pull tightly on the fabric so it stretches 
around the cushion frame and then zap in your staples.
 Do the entire perimeter with lots of staples, 
I used 9/16" size so it would go
 through the layers of fabric and into the wood.
 Nothing too pretty~doesn't need to be.  
Trim off the excess fabric and your done with this part.
 I loved this linen print I found on Etsy.  
Etsy is a great place to find small remnants 
of high quality fabrics at great prices.
 I used the Lowes Brilliant Metals in Aged Brass over
 Antoinette Chalk Paint to get this finish on the frame. 
 The gold sheer creates a coppery shrimp 
color with the pink chalk~its really pretty.
 Then I brought it up to the bathroom and had to admit 
I did not like the gap around the cushion
between the frame.  I still hadn't screwed it down and 
it would have pulled it together somewhat,
but back down to my workshop this little lady went.
 Lucky me~I had enough moss fringe (or brush fringe)
 in just the right colors of pink and white!
 I stapled the moss fringe to the frame, not the cushion.
 After stapling it, it looked like this~
then you have to pull out the thread that holds the
 mossy fringe together on the bolt...
and when you pull out the thread it gets all fluffy like this:
 I love moss fringe! I love it on pillows and 
on tablecloths and on draperies and now on seats!
 Its thick and fluffy and should
 hide the gap nicely while adding frenchy flair.
 Here is is all together~now back to the bathroom it goes!
 I had one more thing I wanted to do to this bench. 
 Since the bench faces the vanity seat,
all you mostly see is the back of the bench, 
and its kind of plain except for the pretty legs.
 Pretty Leg
 See what I mean? Plainish...
 I bought this gorgeous old handle pull from Etsy too~
I didn't know quite what I was going to do 
with it in the bathroom, but it was going to go somewhere.
 It makes for an easy grab when pulling out the seat~
 And it looks frenchy and pretty!
 And I just couldn't stop apparently, 
as I added these tassel ties to the legs 
to dress up the back view a little bit more.
 Now I have to get going on the vanity skirt 
and other things~but this is one thing off the list.
But here she is~
a pretty french vanity seat! 
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