Gilding waxes~add luxe to your pieces

 Today I spent a little time making some samples to show off the different types of 
gilding waxes that I will soon have in the shop.  Gilding waxes
are easier to use than real gilt, and it is a way for you to elevate your 
painted piece with just a touch of your finger~
the Midas touch!
 This sample of French Linen Chalk Paint® is dressed up with King Gold Gilding Wax.
 Here you can see the 4 different gilding waxes available~
Renaissance Gold, Silver, Empire Gold, and King Gold.
 They are wonderful to add to Chalk Paint® finishes for a special look.
 They are wonderful when added to Milk Paint too! I guess so, 
since this Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint table in Shutter Grey 
sold today! I added little swipes of King Gold to it and it changed 
the look from country to Shabby Chateau!
 A soft touch goes a long way in my book~here there is a touch 
of King Gold added on a French Linen Chalk Paint Armoire door.
 Can you tell I like the color Gold? I used to be all in love with Silver, 
but now its Gold Gold Gold baby!! My pretty gold phone is NFS 
(not for sale) so don't even ask (or beg) because I had a dear retired 
friend fix it so it works perfectly~
but for now it is a prop on my pretty desk.
 Its in the front window today because I sold the vintage patio set
 I had sitting there! Today was a big day for sales in both paint and furniture.
 This desk might be getting a touch of King Gold next!! 
And then it just might fly out the door too.
 So goodbye to my little Parisian coffee table~
 Anytime I sell something I get to move alot of the furniture around, 
which I LOVE to do!
My house furniture has never sat in the same place this long...
and its because I am doing this now.
There is the Chateau Gray mora clock I am custom painting~
and another white mora is next...
For now its all about the Gilding waxes~
kind of similar to rub n buff products, 
but I consider it a cut above.
I will be adding it to both my physical store as well 
So look for it soon~!
Add a little glitz and glamour to your pieces~
maybe even your shoes!!


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