French Hollywood Table~a washing technique

Each piece I do seems to become my favorite~
I had to share this one with you as it is the latest 
and my most favorite to date!
Colin took these shots of me working on the Rococo style coffee table.
He started this project by painting the table with Paris Grey Chalk Paint™.
The surface was heavily marred so I showed him how to 
do a heavy crackle surface technique.
However the things we did next made this table super cool! 
Lets start with the base of the table.
 I got out the Graphite Chalk Paint™ and using a chip brush 
I kept a cup of water to wet my brush 
and then got a bit of the Graphite on it and just brushed the
 watery mix across the Paris Grey surface.
Jabbing it into the ornate details and then using a cloth to rub it 
back so you don't get dribbly lines when the wash dries. 
 It creates a bit of a strie effect which is very nice. 
The darker wash settles in the lines of the legs
and carvings creating depth.
 Just work all around the table brushing with a wet brush 
and then ragging it back in a straight line.
This is a good shot of how dark it looks, 
but when ragged off it is more subtle.
 It looks fabulous! (She said modestly...) 
After we did the Graphite wash 
I showed Colin how to mix up a metallic glaze with the
 new guilding waxes (I carry these in my shop and online).
He detailed all the carved areas with the metallic glaze~ 
leaving a shimmery silver layer.
So this scuffed up but very pretty table went from this~
To this stunner!
If you want me to create a cool piece like this for your home,
I am painter for hire~! Or be inspired and try it yourself...
but either way let me tell you, this Chalk Paint™ decorative paint
 by Annie Sloan is really something stellar!


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