Gilders Paste, and a visit from my Mom and Dad

I am getting so excited about all the new things I am carrying in the shop.
But first let me show you the way you can make your own cool one of a kind
hutch!  I bought the arch top piece at auction and had been using it in my  home office~
do you remember this makeover?
My home office makeover can be read here
At the time I put this shuttered hutch top on top of my desk.
Since I opened the store I thought it would make a good display piece
and when I found the french style desk/vanity I joined them together.
 This morning we set it up and I painted the inside  
so it would coordinate with the desk part that I already
 painted in the same color.
just check out the new display piece...

This is how it looks~its pretty nice. You can marry two pieces, and if 
I painted them both the same color it would look smashing~
but I decided to do it this way with the interior of the upper cab to 
match the exterior of the lower table of the combo piece.
I filled it with my new shipment of Gilding Pastes. 
 You can find Gilders Paste in our online store at
Its a great little metallic paste
that is a mixture of wax with resins. We have samples so people can 
see all the cool effects they can get with this paste. 
It has an every man's price point,
and so if you have resisted the French Gilding waxes 
you might consider the Gilding Pastes!
 African Bronze and Celtic Bronze on Chateau Grey Sample board~
Some Silver and German Silver and Patina seen here~
I set up the case to highlight these special extra touches that one can 
use to elevate a piece of furniture or revive an old tarnished frame...
The luxurious French Gilding waxes in the classic offerings of Gold and Silver~
 This is a great display piece, and I am happy with how it came out~
so think about putting two 
mismatched pieces together to get the look you want 
in your dining room, kitchen or office!
 The little Parisian Apartment clock in a veridgris finish 
 is in our online shop too~
 So sweet~its metal and has just the right mix of distressed 
coppery metal with that aqua color I love so much~
and one little pearl in the center.
 Its been the busiest week I can remember having~I started off preparing for 
an advanced techniques class and this master board was made by one of my students
highlighting multiple techniques you can use for walls and furniture.
 This is an intense class of 3 hours of creating and learning~
The board brings decoupage and stenciling to life with layered processes.
 Finally, I want to show off a couple of pics of my cute parents (and son)! 
My parents were up from Martha's Vineyard and 
my mom had her first visit to my shop~
It was nice to show them the shop, but I had so much stuff to do....
so after a quick tour they departed and Colin and I got back to work.
You know my Boston store REALLY will be opening...
I have a September One opening planned
and I have yet to pick up a paint brush or sweep the floor in 
the new location...
so I am gearing up for a whirlwind effort and will be sharing lots 
of candid shots as we get this Boston party started!!


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